Tents Camping RVs

Tents, Camping, and RV’s  
RV Slot $25 a night, full hookups
Camping FREE!! Does NOT include power.

-Tent Camping
Tent camping at the event is free and there is plenty of room. You can choose to be close by all of the action or find a nice secluded spot. There are full bathrooms on site with showers and also Porta Potties.

A couple of guidelines.
 1. Free camping does not include power. If you are able to work out power from one of the RV slots ,(it is up to the owner of the RV if they allow this), there will more than likely be a fee this year to run power to a tent. I would expect it to not exceed $10 a day depending on what you are running, lights and some heat is one thing, running an air conditioner in a tent for 3 days is another.
2. Do not set up a tent among the RVs. The area around the RVs is for RVs,and parking for the RV owners.
3. Please set your tent at least 2 car lengths away from the gravel road to allow for parking, travel down the road and room for my golf cart to pass. Yes I know that is ridiculous but it’s good to be The King.
4. And finally, don’t set up right in the middle of the field between where normal people set up their tents and the lake. We leave that area open for a swoop lane.
If you think there might be an issue with where you want to set up please ask someone before doing so and don’t argue with what you are told.

-RV Slots

Please Check In Before Parking Your RV!!

Full hookup RV slots (power, water, sewer) are available at the boogie location. There are 25 right next to the boogie area that are large enough to double up on and another 15 across the lake. The cost is $25 per night. That has increased by $5 per night by the city.

We are not taking reservations, there is plenty of room and we have never come close to filling it up

There are 50, 30, and 20 amp plug-ins at each site. If you have a 50 amp adapter please bring it. If you can pick one up it would be a big help.