These items are from 2021, will be updated soon.

**All raffle items are currently being reverified.
Proceeds from the Raffle will be split between Fitzgerald-Ben Hill County Humane Society and The Mr Douglas DC3 Restoration group.

Let’s talk about raffle prizes!!! We have gotten some awesome prizes for the charity raffle this year.
This isn’t an all inclusive list, more of a preview;
Kua Sky – 3x $50 Gift Certificates *COMING TO THE BOOGIE
Tony Suits – 25% off base price of Suit
VSC – 2x 20% off Base price of an Infinity container
Bev Suits – 2x 25% off Bev Suit
Icarus – 2 10% off Certificates
Paragear – $25 Gift Certificate
Wings – %off Gift Certificates,
Aerodyne – 15% Off Smart LPV Reserve
25% Off Icon ‘A’ Container
30% Any Aerodyne Main Canopy $1,500 Off Complete Aerodyne System!!
UPT – 30% off Base Price, 15% off Options on Custom Vector
But wait, there’s more…. We still have things making their way to us, I will post updates as we get things in.
I know Vigil America has a box on the way to us, and there are others too. I believe we may have a few manufacturers
that are coming as well but I don’t have it right in front of me.
If you have any contributions or additions to the raffle please let me or Tonya Eason know and we will get it added to the list.
Remember 100% of the proceeds from this raffle go to charity!! All of it!!