The 12th Annual St. Patricks Day Celebration Boogie

                                 Fitz 2015 March 19-22, 2015

That’s right kids, we are starting a new decade for the St.Patrick’s Boogie. We look forward to seeing all of our old friends and hope that you will all bring new people for us to meet.

For those that don’t know, there is not a full time DZ in Fitzgerald. Once a year during the third weekend of March we transform this sleepy little South Georgia town into the place to be for skydiving. I can’t say it’s the best boogie around,but we have a pretty good time.

What we have to offer:

Multiple aircraft, Aircraft will be announced soon, but No one can say we have ever been in need of lift power at this event, Helicopter and balloon jumps, Large covered packing area, Private group/packing tents available, Huge landing area and all of South Georgia is an out if needed, Swoop pond, Organizers for all levels and overall friendly people to jump with the newer jumpers and Tandem skydives for your friends.

Book the Tandem Skydive thrill of a lifetime, Click HERE!

What we have on site:

Free camping and showers, Full service RV hookups ($20 a night), Food service provided by Dale’s Dive In Cafe’, Nightly bonfires and stupid human tricks, Live music Sat. night. (maybe Friday too) Oh,and Wifi now at the building

What we have close by:

About a mile and a half to Hotels, Restaurants, Liquor stores, ChinaMart (WalMart) and ATM’s (CASH ONLY ON SITE, we have very limited means to process credit cards on site)

You can find info at:, The forums at, Event forums at, Facebook;

We are just getting started on some of this so bare with us. I will have current info in the RoamingOutdoors forums soon. Those are read only forums so you don’t have to wade through a bunch of chatter to find the info.

If you want to know more, You can call us at 478-227-9445 or Email at

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